Traces of the Oxel
Traces of the Oxel Traces of the Oxel
10 500 kr

Anna Christina Elisabeth creates art which is inspired by the material and its sensations. It’s all about the material; the texture, the smell and the shapes. With sustainability in mind, Mouche focuses on quality and materials that last. That’s also why we initiated a collaboration with this extraordinary artist.

Anna Christina Elisabeth finds inspiration and materials from her surroundings. Outside in her garden, a 100-year-old Oxel stands in its glory. As the seasons pass by some of the branches had to be removed. With a sustainable and creative mindset, the branch was transformed into a beautiful sculpture. The untreated surface of the Oxel gives you an even stronger emotion connected to the earth and expresses calmness and harmony. 

L: 28cm H: 12cm W: 12m