Ozz NL
Ozz NL Ozz NL
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Graceful and discreet, yet rich in personality – these are the rugs of Kristiina Lassus. The rug collection by Kristiina Lassus is inspired by travel, distant cultures, and a love for materials, color and nature. Nepalese artisans fabricate the rugs by hand, following the traditional expertise brought to Nepal from Tibet. The special wool, which comes from plains at 3,000 meters above sea level in the Himalayan Mountains, is appreciated for its strength and softness, as well as its unique and easily recognizable appearance and texture. The yarn is manually carded, spun and dyed, thus giving the rugs subtle variations in color and texture.

The Ozz rug is made from linen, wool and silk, hand-knotted in Nepal. 200x300cm.