Tones of night, 2
Tones of night, 2 Tones of night, 2 Tones of night, 2
12 000 kr

Anna Christina Elisabeth creates art which is inspired by the material and its sensations. It’s all about the material; the texture, the smell and the shapes. With sustainability in mind, Mouche focuses on quality and materials that last. That’s also why we initiated a collaboration with this extraordinary artist.

“Tones of night” comes from a 100-year-old Oxel outside Anna Christina Elisabeths own house in Stockholm. As the seasons pass by, they had to remove branches from the tree which have been used to create this fascinating sculpture. To create the depth and shadow, “Shou sugi ban”, a Japanese technique has been used to get the blackness. The technique contains brushing and burning the wood in turns. After that, the sculpture is waxed with linseed oil and that is giving the sculpture the aroma of honey and smoked timber.

H: 17cm L: 26cm W: 20cm