Mouche journey has descended from 2004 when two inspired women with a passion for fashion set up a small boutique in the heart of Gothenburg. Mouche quickly became the destination for all things beautiful and the must go-to places when in town.

With a strong understanding of what hot and in demand Mouche quickly placed itself on the forefront of introducing international designers and artists, some unknown to the Swedish market.

Mouche are still known as the orchestrators of style, interior and art, visualised through innovative, contextual and inspirational spaces.

Mouche bring together like-minded artists, artisans and creative minds to complete the ensamble. Together they seek to provide their visitors, guests and customers with eclectic experiences and limited edition pieces from a carefully curated edit of international designers and artists. Mouche also invites you to partake in their forever expanding community who love to engage emotions, share their passions around design, life and style.

Creativity, style, innovation, ethics and modernity form the Mouche Collective philosophy, combining eclectic products and inspiring designers, Mouche offers customers something truly unique, presented through a new kind of experience that transcends the realms of art, music food, fashion, design, lifestyle and media.

Our partners and brands, the Collective, receive treatment that seeks engagement with our customer’s emotions and offers unrivalled linked services. This closeness with brand and customer enables a symbiotic relationship that flows, grows, and evolves.

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