Mouche Collective offer a large variety of services and often work as creative consultants within interior design. We assist in everything from photo shoots, studio set-up, sourcing of locations, styling consultations and interior architecture. Our passion for creating spaces is visible in both residential and commercial projects. Our knowledge within material and textile, design and creativity comes together in a serene ambiance, rooted in timeless and beautifully honest simplicity.

Mouche also work with exclusive events and use experienced professionals in every field. Our extensive network holds some of the regions well known creatives, artists and performers to create unique and memorable happenings. Whether it would be a product launch, vernissage, sales event, special private occasion, board meeting or conference.
We consider everyone’s individual requirements and apply the Mouche creativity to tailor make each and every request.

The designers, partners and artists Mouche represent at Valvet is all treated differently, carefully and thoroughly. Brands that correlates to our vision has a space at ours, brands that puts the environment, humanity, fair trade and morale before sales and profit is here. We look at the designer before the product itself and hand pick each piece to suit Valvet, the space and our philosophy.

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