Rent the Apartment

The Apartment is available in whole or in part on an hourly, a daily or weekly rate. The venue is frequently used for photo shoots, film recordings, podcast broadcasting, seminars and training. Does your product need a complimentary setting, something that gives your brand the little extra, to place your brand/products in context?

Customers include: Volvo, Kappahl, Stendahls, Metro, BON, NA-KD and Wall Vision to name a few and our apartment has changed shape for every booking. We let your creativity flow in our surrounding and are happy to help you in the process.

The Apartment is available furnished or unfurnished, and with our expertise if required.

Do you have any questions or would you like to rent? Send an email to info@mouchecollective .com or give us a call at +46 31-318 68 48