Rent Valvet

Photo shoots, events and meetings


With sustainability in focus, Mouche presents this unique destination. Located in the Radheska huset, said to be Gothenburg's oldest tavern. The Heritage is well preserved with beautifully arched roof and its fantastic shadow play, its pillar that breaks off another a large room and the floor with Swedish natural stone remain as original. Now, imagine that your company can hire to be seen under a roof that is lonely in its kind, in a room that breathes the wings of history and that demonstrates sustainability and quality without even having to mention it in words. It cannot be clearer and necessary in today's climate.
Valvet is frequently rented for photo shoots, kick off's, creative meetings, launch events, conferences, dinners and much more. This location consists of two rooms, the "showroom section" and "the gray room", with two unique styles which can both be rented.
Mouche also offers additional services in the form of styling performed by professional stylists. We work with partners who offers high end design furniture, decor, art and vintage which allows us to adapt this destination completely after yours requests.
Are you interested in renting Valvet? Do not hesitate to contact us.
Phone: +46 761 850011