Welcoming Ogland

100% Biodynamic Bedding

Do you also believe that bed linen should give you the best and most luxurious sleep of your life? Ogland do to.

Ogland is a Swedish based brand producing organic premium bedding. The beddings are designed by Emma Hedberg, focusing on the direction and shifts of the cotton fibers to produce high quality beddings.

Ogland offer the Certified Purity of 100% organic Egyptian Giza cotton biodynamically grown and ecologically manufactured. This means that the cotton is cultivated with the strictest organic farming practices to ensure that no pesticides or poisons are ever used. Further Ogland only use natural dyes and refrain from optic brighteners, avoiding many other industrial substances which have not been proven to be safe to humans. Certified with GOTS, DEMETER and FAIRTRADE, Ogland offering bedding that is better for your sleep, better for your body, better for the planet.

We proudly present Ogland as a partner following the philosophy of Mouche Collective; Creativity, style, innovation, ethics and modernity.


Ogland, welcome to Mouche!