One day in life with Dagmar

Dagmar has a special place in our heart. We met up with its creative director and co-founder, Kristina Tjäder, who talked us through their latest collection inspired by a true legend, the Swedish artist Marie-Louise Ekman. Make sure to stop by The Apartment for a closer look!   


What’s the inspiration of your new collection? 

Our new collection One day in life is inspired by a painting by Marie-Louise Ekman. She’s such a role model to us, one of the coolest women I know. The key is an oversized jacket, a tribute to Marie-Louise’ style, recognised for her oversized jackets that she borrowed from her husband Gösta Ekman. Particularly I’m inspired by one of her paintings, One Day in life, which includes lots of motifs. Some garments are stripped off, some are more expressive in the choice of colours and materials. Lots of mint green, pink and different shades of blue. It’s almost like a rainbow. You will also find an all-day pyjama in a dotted print made from organic cotton, it feels very artistic. A men's shirt, an oversized tunic and dresses in recycled polyester. Then we have knitted dress and skirt, and a number of knitted sweaters. Early 2019 is all about being back to business, in the style of a Marie-Louise’ suit; a blue-grey colour with oversized shoulders and slimmer around the body.  

While Marie-Louise Ekman is our muse, we also have the Dagmar woman in mind. It should fit into her life. She wants to feel comfortable, stylish, and relaxed. She wants to feel professional in different contexts. 



How can you be both stylish and sustainable? 

We have set a target of being 100% climate neutral by 2025, and 100% sustainable. Successively we bring in materials that are the perfect materials, such as recycled polyester. All our leather products are tanned without chrome. For each collection we get better and better. It will definitely be another way of sourcing materials. Some of the big sellers are not the best for the environment. We have to design in another way and find similar uses. 

How can consumers become more sustainable? 

It is hard to find products that are good for the environment. The goal should be to shop without destroying the environment. Our new business model includes becoming climate neutral. We don’t want to continue using materials and processes we know are harmful. You can mix in recycled material, use nicer processes, and better materials, considering the whole chain. We also have to think about garments lasting for a lifetime. There is a saying that if a garment lives for more than 3 years, the climate impact on the earth has been reduced exceptionally. Dagmar doesn’t want to contribute to a poorer climate. The better the material and the longer you can use the garment, the less climate impact. There are lots of exciting materials emerging, such as degradable polyester from sugar beet and corn. 

How can Dagmar help change the industry? 

It is extremely important that we stick to our goals, there is no other way to go. People will not stop consuming. Rather than buying lots of cheap things, it’s better to buy few things that last, that you thought through. We can also teach customer care, how to take care of garments. Do you have to wash the entire garment, or can you remove one stain? It’s important for the garment to be able to live longer. 

What’s your view on the future of fashion? 

There is lots of exciting development taking place, especially new materials that are being researched. Moving forward I believe we will see change. Consumption has already decreased in one sense, people don’t buy as much clothing. But it's not just clothes, it’s also everything else. All items are manufactured somewhere. The consumer must learn how to shop climate-smart. And we want to help out!