Statira Jazayeris

Statira Jazayeri

Sculptures where the materials lead the way

Statira Jazayeri is a textile artist who is based in Gothenburg. In her work she investigates
three-dimensionality, she weaves and shapes textiles. Her way of working is intuitive and the
materials often get to lead the way. At the loom, she studies what happens in the meeting
between contrasting yarns and whether these meetings can give rise to sculptural qualities in the
finished material. It can be contrasts like smooth/fibrous, reflective/matte, and transparent/
opaque. When the fabric is finished, it is removed from the loom and evaluated, depending on its
quality it is appropriately shaped to enhance each material's character as much as possible. The
sculptural expression is a way for her to make the textile material more present and allow it to
claim its space. The shapes, whether they are soft and undulating or hard and pleated becomes
a way of attracting people to look really close, to discover the astonishing grid that makes up a
woven textile.
Statira Jazayeri is currently undergoing an MA of Fine Arts with specialisation in Textile Art at
HDK-Valand, The Academy of Art and Design in Gothenburg. She also holds a bachelor of fine
arts degree in textile design from the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås as well as a three-year
training in haute couture draping and fashion design from ESMOD Oslo.