Maria Qvist art

Tranquility from nature

The mindset behind this art was one of the reasons why we fell in love with Maria Qvist's art, and the answer why we can stand on her side right through. Her artwork is inspired by the raw materials we find in nature, as well as the tranquility we find there.

Using materials as Linen fabrics, fiber glass tape, mineral pigments, acrylics, and recycled fabrics are some of the materials you find in her compositions. "When I create art it opens the portal to my inner being, and every creation has a piece of my soul in it" Maria says.

Maria Qvist is an abstract artist based in Sweden, with her studio located 30 minutes south from Gothenburg. She has been painting all her life but found her passion in abstract artworks about the same time she did her yoga teacher training seven years ago. Yoga and art serve each other well since both activities are free from rules and performance, and brings you to the present moment. Layers and texture gives her work an extra dimension and adds to the experience, so you can not only look at the paintings but also touch them. Maria loves the Japanese outlook on life "Wabi sabi" which mirrors back in her work.