Ernst Billgren

Born in Stockholm. Lives and works in Stockholm. Ernst Billgren is one of Sweden s most well-known and appreciated artists; it is no exaggeration to claim that he is an institution within the Swedish art world. His art explores different techniques and media, he works in a variety of media: painting, sculpture, mosaic, photography, film and set design, architecture, and literature. For some, Billgren s art has been described as ”kitsch” and ”art for the masses”, but by freely mixing that what may be called for ”good” or ”bad taste” he challenges narrow opinions not only on art, but also on life and the world we live in.

Mouche Collective are proud to present this limited Edition "Runeberg" Chairs designed by Ernst Billgren.

Ernst Billgren, sculptures, pieces of art or what some may call them, was design in the year of 2007. Billgren's Runeberg series was an art project that linked to the Finnish-Swedish author Johan Ludwig Runeberg's 200th birthday. The armchairs are included in the Runeberg series, which was made in an edition of 7 copies.

Mouche presents one piece of every edition and a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase these chairs.

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