Anna Christina Elisabeth

Anna Christina Elisabeth

Sculptures and art inspired by the nature

When Mouche moved into valvet we were mesmerised by the architecture and natural materials covering everything from floors to ceilings. Here we want to keep the tonality close to earth with sustainability in mind, preserve and highlight the history of this 400-year-old building. Therefore we are more than excited to present Anna Christina Elisabeths art and sculpture created from materials from the nearby forest and even her own garden.

Art has always been a part of Anna's life. Her father was the first person to really understand what it meant to her and was also the one who taught her how to draw. At the age of twenty, she attended art school, which focused on painting for a few years. When her dad passed away she stopped painting completely and it is only in recent years that she has started again as a road to find herself again.

“I find great inspiration from nature and its various materials and colors. The forest has always enthralled me ever since childhood when I, as a small child, had to walk freely on my own.” - Anna Christina Elisabeth.

Christina uses materials close to her surrounding nature, finding the inspiration to her art from the material itself and its sensations. It is about how the material feels when you touch it, how it smells and what it looks like. The fascination also depends on how the material reacts to the technique, which is not always predictable making every piece unique.